The vineyard is located near the Ramon Crater, 800 meters above sea level. The hot, dry, desert climate, with its dramatic and rapid variations in temperature, produces grapes with high natural levels of acidity and a unique array of aromas.


Pinot Noir 2015 single vineyard



Our Pinot Noir leads with the aroma of sour cherries, red forest fruits and hints of spices, showcasing its desert terroir.

Light- bodied, well-balanced red wine, translucent in color. In the mouth you will enjoy moderately-high acidity, silky tannins and velvety hints of raspberry, cherry and cranberry.

היין מהמדבר מכיל אלכוהול

מומלץ להזהר משתייה מופרזת.

our wines contain alcohol,

refrain from excessive drinking.